Monday, 1 July 2013

How do you gauge your success?

Over the last few months I have been working with several schools as they look to develop their strategic plans for future development in eLearning. As a facilitator my role is  pose questions and  scenarios, challenge thinking, prompt the exploration of possible options and in some cases suggest alternatives. As I work with schools I always reflect on these questions:
  • what guides and determines decision making?
  • what strategies are available for exploring options, considering possibilities, future thinking?
  • what opportunities are available for professional dialogue? Do these opportunities foster and promote the dispositions of 21st century learning - collaboration, critical reflection, risk taking and open-mindedness to assist them build capacity from within?
  • how do schools know what they don't know? What systems and processes do schools have to keep up to date and informed of new initiatives, trends, opportunities? 
  • what other networks are available to assist this school on their journey?
  • whose plan is it?
At the end of the planning development session I like to take time to critically review my performance.  I am proud of my role in the process when a school is  empowered to implement their strategic plan. At that point I become somewhat redundant.  I am available for support, but I am not the driver, the impetus for development comes from within. In many ways effective facilitation is like doing yourself out of a job. When empowerment is the focus, redundancy is a measure of success.
However, the ultimate success is when the same school invites you back to facilitate the next stage of strategic planning and development.

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