Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A great way to learn

Tonight I saw the perfect example of how professional learning is changing for teachers. I attended a  Connections Open Meeting with the ConnectED Cluster 

This cluster have strategically developed and sustained a professional learning community that is now inspiring the region. For this occasion there was no guest speaker, just a planned opportunity for enthusiastic and passionate teachers to connect, collaborate, communicate and learn from each other.

Approximately 200 educators from schools and organisations throughout Hamilton and the wider Waikato region attended.  The attendees were welcomed by Dave Winter, Project Leader, Marcus Freke and Tanya Thompson from the governance group who highlighted that delegates would 'get out' of the evening what they 'put into' the evening.

Tables were allocated for discussion on set topics with a volunteer nominated to facilitate the discussion. Topics ranged from Digital Citizenship, Modern Learning Environments, Student Opportunity, iPads for Learning, Great Apps, Emerging Trends, Teaching as Inquiry, Cybersmarts and Leadership to name a few. There was plenty of opportunity for networking and discussion during the evening.

This evening modelled the learning opportunities associated with the pedagogy of modern learning environments. It was:
  • learning focussed, personalised, driven by and designed to meet the needs of the participants.
  • mobile and flexible, cultivating networks of connections through the effective use of technology
  • building capacity and community, providing opportunities for communication, collaboration  
Congratulations ConnectED on another successful learning opportunity.

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  1. Well Jo as a long time supporter and initiator of this journey it was great to have you there. It is incredibly important to connect as a regional group and more forward together. Inspired by it all.