Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Time to make time

Over the last two days I have been privileged to have attended a workshop with Kevin Honeycutt and Ginger Lewmann. As educationalists how do we ensure that we are modeling and enacting the advice, we espouse, in regard to the dispositions of learning. How can we ensure that we are preparing our students for their future?

To be honest I do not know the answers - two days with Kevin and Ginger left me with more questions than answers ..... but .... I left today enthusiastic to embrace some new challenges. Challenges that will assist me to become better equipped in my role as a facilitator. The first was to capture the some of the gems, rich takings from the session via the twitter feed.

The second challenge - is this blog. For many years I have been saying - I will get around to writing a blog when I have time. The last two days have made me aware that I will never have more time, but if I value the opportunity to reflect, wonder, question and share my wonderings, then it is time I started.

So here goes....

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